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Posts tagged with ‘history’

  • UnderRepped Black Friday sale

    By Oana on November 29, 2013
    Paul Leonard got tired of seeing the same faces printed on t-shirts – celebrities and athletes and actors and pop culture figures. All important in different ways but what about the lesser known inventors of useful stuff we use every day without even realizing it? That is how UnderRepped came about, bringing forward plenty of names from scientists and doctors to inventors […]
  • Kapo Clothing – T-shirts with cultural identity

    By Oana on May 18, 2012
    Kapo Clothing is rather new, born in 2010 in the bedroom of creative designer Victor Lau after some silkscreen classes. With enough imagination and dedication he raised the brand to an international level, along with a group of very dedicated friends and professionals. Touched by immigrant sensibilities, Kapo Clothing give us a range of 6 t-shirts, each with a story […]
  • The History of the T-shirt

    By Oana on March 1, 2010
    The t-shirt that is nowadays so popular everywhere on the planet had to endure many controversial disputes until it was accepted as a piece of clothing on its own. As funny as it might sound today, t-shirts started as underwear. It wasn’t the bra; it wasn’t the zephyr or the knickers, but the t-shirt. During World War I, the American […]