Tad Carpenter illustrations

I  say let's take a short break from the lovely t-shirts that we see all the time and let's focus on an illustrator that has been on my mind for…

Cool t shirt #42

From DNR Clothing comes this cool Red Spartan t shirt inspired by the fierce and agressive soul spartan soldiers. They have the fight gear style all over their t-shirts that…

Cool t shirt graphic #37

Remember to always keep yourself dancing and listening to the best rhythm. And this  cool  t shirt will surely keep you motivated.

Cool t shirt #32

It has started and we”re gonna see Hunger Games t shirts all over the place so we might as well join in the madness. You can buy it .

Impressive book cover designs

It is widely known that you should not judge a book by its cover. I tend to agree with that statement but today I would beg to differ. You will…