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Posts tagged with ‘colors’

  • Kameleon – 1500 Vector Icons Pack for Android

    By Stefy on April 24, 2015
    Kameleon – 1500 vector icons for android developers If you are an Android developer and you are looking for vector icons then this is your lucky day. As I was searching through thousands of developer icons, I stumbled upon this great 1500 Flat Vector Icons Pack offered by Vincent Le Moign on MaterialUp. He is selling the whole developer pack […]
  • Free comic book vector exclamations – T-Shirt Factory

    By Oana on September 8, 2014
     Comic book vector exclamations Author: Freepik License: Must attribute to Freepik Type: Vector Illustration Date: Thursday, 4/10/2014 Category: Cartoon File: Ai Download You are free to use this comic book vector image: – For both personal and commercial projects and to modify it. – In a website or presentation template or application or as part of your design. You are not […]
  • TexJet DTG printing machine from PolyPrint

    By Barkone on September 7, 2011
    For about one and a half year ago we  bought a DTG printing machine called TexJet from Polyprint company , a DTG printing machine that we  hoped to satisfy our Romanian customers with our graphics on some acceptable prices .Indeed the  print quality is not up yet to the screen printing technology , but very important is the fact that the pre press part disappeared completely , so if you want to offer a wide range of models but do not want to make  big stocks with printed t-shirts […]
  • Popular t-shirt design styles for girls

    By Oana on February 26, 2010
    T-shirts with personality have often transmitted a message to people around. The message is in close connection with the wearer’s personality, lifestyle, or simply his mood on that specific day. Most of the times, the message is received immediately. This is true both for boys and girls. Anyone can distinguish a skater from a rocker or a nerd from a punker, […]
  • Spot Colors – Flat’em!

    By Oana on November 1, 2008
    Coloring line art tutorial ! As you know, there are ways and ways to work with color. As many as they are, we can reduce them to some basic methods, when it comes to apparel design. And the two most used techniques are coloring with halftones (when we need to obtain a big number of shades without increasing the number […]