T-Shirts That Any Star Wars Fan Would Love

Star Wars has cemented itself into pop culture history and future. For the 2016 presidential election in Ukraine, Darth Vader, Stepan Chubakka (Chewbacca), Master V. Yoda, and Padme N. Amidala are the candidates of the Internet Party of Ukraine.

Unrelated,  Teecraze compiled 144 T-shirt designs for all the Wookie lovers out there. We chose our favourite ten:

star wars inc

I wonder if it was the pink door, with cookies pattern which led
them to the dark side.


For all the rascals out there!


 Perfect tee for Casual Friday.


 In a Galaxy, far, far away, there is a planet, with cookies made
with chocolate chips,and not raisins. That’s how you distinguish
the Dark Side from the Good Side.


 A sleek, old-school design.


 Buy this shirt and, drink a tea, let us.


 Seems like Pinky and the Brain gave up on trying to take over
the world, and succeeded in taking over the Death Star.
Should we tell them or should we let them gloat?


 Star Wars meets Pokemon.I can’t even imagine the Pokémon
you would catch with that thing, nor would I want to.


 How to start a conversation with and art passionate or a star wars fan?
Just wear this remake of Gustave Klimt’ famous painting “The Kiss” and
you will kill two birds with one stone.


 Dia de los Muertos Skull is a design met everywhere, but
Dia de los Muertos x Trooper is innovative and fresh!

If you are curious about the other 134 designs, check the rest of the list on Teecraze!

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