T-shirt making – Tshirt Factory designs go on t-shirts: see video!!!

T-shirt making – Tshirt Factory designs go on t-shirts: see video!

Have you vver wondered how a t-shirt actually gets printed? Or how the printer looks like? We present you a step by step video on the Extreme Screen prints’ process of printing t-shirt designs with vector elements from our site. Because the t-shirt design has more than one color, you can see that an individual printing press is attributed to each color. The result is awesome, so if you like our t-shirt designs, but you have troubles in finding the right printing company to turn them into printed t-shirts, or you don’t want to lose the color quality of the design, you can successfully chose Extreme Screen Prints. Extreme Screen Prints is one of the top custom apparel companies in the Midwest. They offer a number of screen-printing, embroidery and promotional product solutions for those in need of their services.

Their goal is to provide high quality products at a low price with superior customer service. Some of the services they offer are over-sized prints, jumbo prints, discharge, water base, foil, glow in the dark, simulated process, suede, high density, metallic/glitter, puff, embroidery, fulfillment for clothing lines and bands, web design, offset printing, promotional products and much more. They specialize in producing high-quality prints and use the best inks and equipment available in the industry. Extreme Screen Prints offer a wide variety of garments and they encourage the use of products that are environmentally friendly. If you want to know more about their printing business, just take a look at their site: http://www.extremescreenprints.com/

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