T-shirt Graphics bundle design 98% off

T-shirt graphics bundle: 122 designs for $45

A new bundle is up on the site on Tshirt-Factory.com. The package includes 122 t-shirt designs, created by the artist Caffein, Indonesian graphic designer, and it is currently sold for only $45. The offer is available until July 5th, so I believe  there’s plenty of time to weigh your options here.

The artwork has extended license but it is up for purchase for multiple buyers. I wanted to make that clarification, as I was asked multiple times if maybe it is exclusive. Unfortunately, no but you get a comprehensive collection that you can maximize by printing on a wide variety of products.

The designs are use simple lines and include themes like pizza, skating and other pop culture references that appeal to a general public. Many have a satirical, funny approach or interpretation, such as the ones I selected below:

t-shirt graphics bundle T-shirts Graphics bundle

It is quite a fun bundle so I recommend you give it a try!


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