T-shirt design illustrator – The art of Brian Allen

T-shirt design illustrator – The artworks of Brian Allen

Brian Allen lives and works as a freelance artist and t-shirt design illustrator in the State College / Bellefonte region of Pennsylvania. 

He create artwork in two very different styles:  light and dark, which is an unusual mix. He genuinely enjoys illustrating fun, happy things as much as designing dark, creepy things. The art style tends to be humorous and quirky, and sometimes a bit odd.

Brian’s specialties include t-shirt design illustrations, creating album cover art for rock and metal bands, mascot character designs for websites, and illustrations for book covers and retail packaging. 

He also specializes in drawing Zombies. Lots, and lots of Zombies. Brian’s work is eclectic, ranging from dark and creepy, to humorous and colorful.

t-shirt design illustrator

skull design


t-shirt design illustrator


t-shirt design illustrator spongebob



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