Streetwear t-shirts from BASQIA Clothing

BASQIA Clothing is a german ( bavarian ) based brand and on the 17th of November they launched the new collection called “Magnolia”. Parallel with the work for the brand, they are enrolled in their academic studies, which forces then to produce limited edition t-shirts. Because of their time restriction,  everything from the latest collection is limited to 25 pieces.

I could not believe the candour they displayed when they sent me an email,  saying they’re not the best designers:

“But in my opinion, the much details which are all handmade by us makes our brand special. For example every shirt/hoodie/sweater has got its own print which includes a number, to ensure that it’s limited or a print at the bottom with our logo design.” How about that, dear readers ? These guys really do it because they put passion into their design and want everyone to get something genuine and unique.

They say that they’ are selling everything in their own online shop, because that’s the only way they can guarantee everything is handmade, from designing the tees up to packaging and delivery.  They do many of the designs with patterns. Such example is the logo of the”Wu-Tang Forever Jersey”, which is sewed with a rasperry-pattern on the front and not printed. Of course, the pocket tees are sewed as well.

Furthermore, they print on tees and hoodies which come from producers who are member of the Fairwear organization.

Streetwear t-shirts from BASQIA Clothing – the Winter collection

Streetwear t-shirts Magnolia_Hp_06 Magnolia2 Magnolia3

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