Street casual wear Brings Tic Tac Toe Tee to Kickstarter for Clothes You Can Play

Game fanatic and tech industry vet Mikko Jarvenpaa launched a campaign on Kickstarter today that intersects street casual wear with classic board games. The headlining garment of the new line is the signature Tic Tac Toe Tee. Its innovative design is exactly what it sounds like, a game board sewn onto apparel with lightweight Velcro Tic Tac Toe pieces. “It’s fun and lighthearted. It’s more than a simple game: it’s a conversation opener and an icebreaker, a way to bring people together, ” Mikko shared.
Tic Tac Toe Tee is raising funds on Kickstarter to enable manufacturing and distribution operations at a sustainable scale, and to deliver their unique interactive designs to the early adopters. Kickstarter backers can pledge $35 for a tee, $65 for two, or throw in a little more for some creative rewards.  Go all in for $1,500 and you’ll be able to design your own game pieces for 10 shirts.
The campaign goal is set at a baseline of $9,000, though with more funding, fans can unlock more product lines including tote bags and more colors.
The company behind Tic Tac Toe Tee, Knight & Bishop, hopes to use Kickstarter funds to support long-term growth into more garment and game options. “We’ve tested the concept within many communities, and our supporters have awesome ideas for games they want to wear. But, creating novel garments with gameplay on them is time consuming and pricey, so we need our fans’ support to allow us to expand and innovate.”
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To help Knight & Bishop reach their goal and be one of the first to snag one of their designs, check out the campaign on Kickstarter. Just imagine what games could start popping up at office happy hours, picnics in the park, or on the train to work!
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