Stranger Things posters recreating the famous 80s movie styles

Stranger Things posters with 80s cult movie vibes

There’s finally only 3 days left for the premiere episode of Stranger Things, season 2. As a dire fan of the 80s culture and horror shows, this is the ultimate show to watch. If you’re like me, I totally understand why you’ve been waiting for this for over a year. Stranger Things t-shirts were a panacea for the long period. Apparently the team behind the show thought the same as well. Thus they came up with a fun “game”, to keep the fans on their toes.

They did a promotional Throwback Thursday on Twitter, where they re-watched each episode from season one. They added commentary, inside jokes and behind the scenes details on the account. The novelty came in the form of Stranger Things poster imagined in the style and composition of popular 80s classic movie posters, such as Stand by Me, Jaws, Firestarter or Nightmare on Elm Street.

The reason is more than obvious, given all of these films’ influences on the series. And the result is fun and entertaining, despite them not containing the best Photoshop execution. Actually, their tiny flaws make them the perfect reference, the most flattering homage to the period that gave us so many cinematographic milestones.

It’s with great anticipation and excitement that I invite to enjoy them below.

stranger things posters stranger things posters stranger things posters

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