Stock vectors sale from 77% off on high-quality art


Here’s a preview of what’s inside this crazy-awesome set of vector zombies on sale for just $27:

 stock vectors SALE

These original 74 jaw-dropping zombie vectors were created by talented artists Gabriel and Valentin. See their full profiles below:Gabriel – professional illustrator and cat lover, he shifts from macabre styles to cute, cuddly bunnies with amazing ease.

Valentin – finished his Masters courses in Fine Arts, he’s a skillful illustrator, with a penchant for fishing.

All 74 vector elements are available as EPS files that can be used with Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, but also with Adobe Photoshop.

The designs are suitable  for Digital Printing and Screenprinting.
Make sure you read our Terms of Use or Contact us for licence details.
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