Sugar SpongeBob by Steve Simpson Illustrator

Steve Simpson Illustrator

Fresh thinking, traditional skills and a dose of fun are the main ingredients for the illustrator of the day. Steve Simpson is a graphic designer, typography illustrator and an amazing artist. With many prizes, Steve Simpson is different. He doesn’t like that standard view of art. To be more explicit, he loves to create new styles, to tap new sources of information.

What I really like about his projects is that he has no transparency. He publishes his art in pencil and all the level of transformation up to the final product. I think that is really cool because it is a great source of inspiration. Also, the big difference between before and after is really stunning to follow.

If you are interested in more creative projects of Steve Simpson, you can visit his site for the entire portfolio . With his amazing art experience , Steve worked for big companies like Vodafone, Heinze, Guiness, Heineken, Bushmills, Absolut, Three Mobile, 7up and more others.

Here is an example of hist artwork, with the famous SpongeBob. If you ever wanted to know how would SpongeBob look  as a sugar skull, well … Your wish is granted. Indeed, it is a little creepy but still has its charm.

sugar spongebobsteve simpson

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