Springleap’s bust out their new Open Theme contests

For some time now, Springleap has been attracting a wide spread of designers to their branded contests, but designers interested in open theme contests have waited for these to resume. The good news is that they’re back, with a sweet prize.

Having re-launched the contests with ‘Open Theme Strikes Back!’, designs have been rolling in and if those submitted so far are anything to go by, the $1000 prize for the winner of the contest is getting the attention of some top tee designers. Word is that these contests will be held every 3 months, in addition to branded contests that offer even bigger prizes. On top of this, the Springleap team has also launched Voxpop – their monthly prize of a $50 tee voucher for the design fan that votes, shares and comments the most.

If you’ve got a design or want to share the love, get over to Springleap and check out the work on show!

Springleap Open Theme contest !

Springleap Open Theme contest
New Open Theme contests from Springleap

Springleap’s combination of branded and open theme contests bring a great mix of designers and design together. Contests feature great prizes (never below $2000 for branded contests, never below $1000 for Open Theme Contests) and pretty cool incentives for fans of design to comment, vote and share work on show.

With hundreds of designer-awarded prizes over the past 5 years, and an amazing spread of tees in their shop, the Springleap community is growing in leaps and bounds. Watch out for some great developments taking place over the next few months, there are some real surprises in store.

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