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Do you believe in Horoscope and in Zodiac Signs ?  We are all born with a zodiac sign that will be part of our lives forever,even if we believe in it or not. I am entirely sure that you have checked more than once your horoscope just to know how your day will look like. Even if zodiac signs can’t influence everything you do and say ,  astrologists believe that some of our characteristics come from the sign we are born into.  More and more people are becoming obsessed with the idea of discovering from where their personality comes from.

The illustrator and photographer Tejal Patni decided to create the Splash Calendar , a combination between zodiac signs and fashion. The photographer promises to capture your attention the moment you set your eyes on the calendar.  Created in 2015 in collaboration with the company Splash Fashions & Raza Beig , the calendar will not only surprise you but it will show you how your zodiac sign can influence your everyday lifestyle and your personality. For example, the Virgo sign is illustrated using white clothes , faded nuances of blue and floral trends to emphasize the simplicity and sensibleness of the zodiac sign. On the other hand, we can easily see the Leo sign, which is portrayed as an ambitious and majestic person , suitably dressed in pure opulence . ‘In  Love with Fashion’ Volume II” is the official name of the calendar that explores the dominant characteristics associated with each zodiac sign.  Each trend lends itself well with the signs and identifies and enhances the traits associated with it. It is an off the record collaboration between celestial events and fashion , that will leave you speechless. Perhaps in the far away future every person will be dressed following his or hers zodiac sign.  To see the whole project visit Tejal Patni’s Behance profile.


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