Society6 Home Decor: Introducing DenyDesigns

Society6 Home Decor: DenyDesigns

It’s been a long time since Society6 has displayed some affinity for home decor. They introduced plenty of products from that department for artists to create graphics for. But that’s what many other POD sites have been doing. It was a great idea to expand the „canvas” for artists, and for customer to express their personality, something else other than apparel.

But Society6 has been focusing on home decor more prominently, giving brilliant advice on how to decorate your environment with their unique pieces, filling the blog with such posts. I now realize what they were aiming for. It was the preamble to sister brand, DenyDesigns.

DenyDesigns is a home decor and furniture brand with curated items, made from scratch in Denver. Inspired by customers who want to transform every day spaces into show stopping areas, it was founded in 2011. This year it was acquired by Santa Monica-based Leaf Group, which also owns Society6.

So, these two went from rivals to brother and sisters, so to speak. Regardless of the works that go on behind the scenes, the two platforms are great places for artists to sell their designs. It just goes to strengthen both players’position in the home decor department.

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