Sleep Terror Clothing is not afraid

Pavor Nocturnus or night terror is a sleeping disorder that causes a person to experience high anxiety, feelings of terror or dread, while the rest of us sleep peacefully and rest. This parasomnia disorder turns your days into nightmares, making you tired, cranky and unproductive.

Not the case for Jonathan Chau, from Sleep Terror Clothing who kicked his sleep paralysis condition’s ass by using his overly vivid dreams as an inspiration for his t-shirt line. That’s right – he drew everything he remembered and combined it with his strong love for horror. The characters took shape and became the graphic t-shirts that you see now.

Dreams, nightmares, the subconscious or fears should be confronted and explored in order to understand more about yourself. Jonathan did exactly that and turned them into a good, productive thing. It is quite impressive to see where the designs came from and know there is so much of a person behind them. The line appeals to the adult who can bring his inner child forward without the fear of the darkness. It’s the encouragement that one needed back when he or she was hiding under the covers because of strange noises in the house.

Behind the thrill aspect, it is quite fun to be let inside one person’s mind so easily and relive his dreams through the graphics he carefully put together. Not that we’re wishing nightmares to Jonathan, but we are certainly excited to see more of the “Deep Sleep” style featured among his graphic t-shirts as well as original monster moons like “Moonster“.

The blank t-shirts are American Apparel and the designs are limited edition, so don’t hesitate to have an original t-shirt with a very personal signature.

Jonathan is very active on both his blog and his Facebook page where he will surprise you with special offers or discounts. He will soon release the winter hoodie for a fresh winter line and keep you updated on that through Twitter as well.

Here are the Sleep Terror Clothing graphic t-shirts:


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Awake and unafraid
graphic t-shirts
graphic t-shirts
graphic t-shirts
Deep Sleep

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