The Simpsons T-shirts 25 Greatest Guest Stars range

The Simpsons T-shirts are producing The Simpson’s T-Shirts 25 Greatest Guest Stars range is a collection of T-shirts that feature some of the stars that have appeared in the show in the last 25 years. The T-shirts are all limited edition; there will be 5 releases of 5 T-shirts at different points across 2014 to celebrate 25 years of this epic show.

The first release features Hugh Hefner, James Brown, Kid Rock, Yao Ming and Tom Hanks. The T-shirts also feature the show title and date that the guest star appeared; all T-shirts also have the 25th logo on the left arm. These T-shirts will be highly collectable and will be cult classics among fans.

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The Simpsons t-shirts:

simpsons t-shirts
Simpson and Ming Truly A Fool
simpsons t-shirts
Bart and Hefner Smoke Text
simpsons t-shirts
James Brown One Night Only

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