How to – set up, start and run your own t shirt business . Part II – Ready!

Start you own t shirt business

Setting up your t shirt business means taking real action. There are some key points in this process you should do well the first time so that you don’t waste your investment, especially if you started with a loan. You need to take care of professionally printing your designs so you can be proud of every t-shirt sold, storing products, managing your financing and orders, fulfilling your customer’s orders and last but not least shipping the orders on time, among other things. Here are some highlighted start points to consider:

Get T-Shirts Printed for you t shirt business

You‘re not completely sure how your designs will do, so be careful when deciding how many items you are going to carry and what sizes to print. One of the benefits of getting t-shirts screen printed or embroidered is the fact that you can now buy at true wholesale, and sell at a competitive retail price. The more you buy, the better pricing you can get. Begin with a run of 30 t-shirts per design and see how they do. Increase your inventory to a couple of hundreds per design. Not only will you have to worry less about inventory running out, you’ll get even better wholesale pricing since your quantities have increased. And set a goal in order to pace yourself and never leave it to chance. You need to make efforts to reach them in order to move on to the next steps.

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Be clear

Look over the manufacturing process of your clothing line to make sure the manufacturer will have your merchandise ready and delivered on time. Be sure to give him the whole specifications about what the final result should look like, so that you don’t have unpleasant surprises. Leave no room for misunderstandings. We strongly suggest you to stay in touch with the contractor during the entire process and make sure everything is going according your requirements.

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Make stuff. Show it to people.

Keep track

Have a very well organized inventory. If you can find an experienced person at this, hire him. It is very important to keep track of what you have, what you can provide, the popular request that you can outline at a certain point, your priorities or what products you need to restock with.

We don’t need to mention how accounting is a crucial part of any business that wants to maintain itself on the market for a longer period of time. Manage your money, your orders, production, delivery and everything else about your line. Again, you should be well aware of your money, at all times, so that you see when you’re  going up or down, and be able to anticipate solutions.

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Monkey Quest


This aspect depends on the kind of business you’ve chosen for yourself. If you are starting out small and maybe don’t really have a selling point like your own store or are selling in someone else’s store, you can store your products at home or you can rent a storage space until you grow. On the other hand, if you are looking to rent a space carefully consider the price, the down-payment, the space you need now and later, and the worst case scenario for your profit. Ask the hard questions before you are faced with the nasty situations. This way you might avoid them altogether.

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How to..

T shirt business inside and outside

Once you have a store, consider how important the first impression is for your customers. The outside and the inside of your store has to be in accordance with what you are selling and the attitude you have towards your buyers: what they are attracted to, how they like to be treated and how you want to impress them with what you are offering. This is also true for you other store: your site. But this is the beginning of the next part of the series, about how to market, sell or make your brand known.

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