Satyr Mega Bundle: beard graphics and grim reapers

Satyr Mega Bundle: beard graphics galore for only $49

Just when I thought that all the great deals have already rolled out for Halloween or Black Friday, I see this:

beard graphics

It’s a beard extravaganza!

The extremely talented Tshirt Factory illustrator Satyr has been  a contributing designer since the beginning of the site. Those familiar with the art uploaded there could agree that it’s been a very long wait for this bundle to be available. He is absolutely phenomenal in displaying detailed horror, sexiness and humor, all at the highest of levels. And since beards have become all the rage, held on a ridiculous pedestal, he’s been taking jabs at this trend through the funniest of captions.

What I love about the style is the smart, playful comic. It’s not offensive, brassy or elitist. It’s relatable and enjoyable to anyone that is remotely familiar with internet trends and memes. Think of any iconic image, highly popular for all the serious reasons, and he must have given it a beard twist. Have a look!

But it’s not just beards. There’s plenty of deathly Grim Reaper apparitions, skulls and scary hot rockabilly ladies.

There is a total of 142 t-shirt designs for only $49, in EPS format. Therefore, you’ll be able to resize the images and change colors as you see fit.

Time to beard up!

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