Holiday countdown: Santa’s Christmas Graphic Bundle

Santa’s Christmas Graphic Bundle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so of course we’ll be seeing Santa everywhere. There’s one already in this post. He’s joining us with all the possible props: reindeer, Christmas trees, decorations, wreaths, candy, present and more!

I’m talking about a real Santa’s Bundle. Specifically, a collection of hundreds of elements in vector format, all hand-drawn with attention to every detail. That way your projects will not lose any points in the quality department.

The package includes individual elements that in you can combine in a million of ways. But there are holiday patterns included, as well. It sounds like a real Chrsitmas gift if you consider the content. Do you realize it sells for only $9? I bet your daily intake of coffee costs you much, much more than that.

On a side note, the product was also available last year. It turned out so successful that GraphicLoot put it on repeat this year for new customers, as well as old ones that didn’t manage to snag it in time.

Below you can see some samples of designs you can create with the illustration included:

Christmas Graphic Bundle

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