The Runaway Robot charity apparel brand

Alexander wrote me a very nice email in which he told me all about his project developed along with his team, called The Runaway Robot charity brand, that focuses on donating money to charities in order to help people less blessed than he was. We are very proud to tell you that he is one of the people who chose to express his doubts and discontent with how things are going  by trying to make the unfortunate happier and  healthier.

The Runaway Robot is donating its profits to organizations that help provide food, education, or even musical instruments to  under-privileged children. Other organizations include those fighting against deforestation and helping caner research. The charity brand has just launched this week and to start off the project, they are asking everyone on Facebook to give their “mascot” a name – you can post your suggestions here for a chance to win their first t-shirt with the mouth-less robot. Competition ends Oct 24, when all fans will receive a coupon for pre-sale.

charity brand

As far as t-shirt details go, I will let Alexander tell you more about that:

“The male/unisex shirts come in two colors, black and deep teal, and are printed on shirts from Canvas. The women’s tee has a “V”, is super soft, and comes from the lady’s counterpart, Bella. The color options for the female tees include dark heather grey and navy.
Prices range from $13-$18 each. The printing is of very high quality (done by Threadbird) so that the breathability of the shirt is maintained in the print. Also, this keeps the design from cracking after going through the drier so that the integrity of the design can be maintained for as long as possible.”
I think you are already posting your ideas for the contest so I will let you take it from here and do this awesome project justice by getting involved and spreading the word.
Props to the people behind The Runaway Robot charity brand! charity brand charity brand
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