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Rock your first day with these 8 back to school outfits

Returning to campus this fall may not so exciting, we all know. Yet, planning your back to school outfits, searching for new items and trendy supplies will sure brighten up your perspective. So, having this in mind, we reviewed the latest movements and decided over these spectacular 8 back to school outfits.

Fortunately, nowadays there are many easy to wear combos that will give you both an eclectic and comfy look. So stay tuned for a plus of inspo!

8 raving back to school outfits

Recovered suit

Who says that suits have to be formal and…boring? Not this oversized version combined with sneakers, a graphic tee and jumbo hoops. Classy with a twist of cool.

back to school outfits

Dye- the new black

Seriously! It goes with anything in your closet. This multi colored design can be combined with mom jeans, leggings or skirts. Give it a shot!

back to school outfits

Skirt and a cardi

Go fully ’90s with a buttoned-up cardigan and a midi slip skirt. High top sneakers make the grandma pair-up feel a little more modern. And it looks fabulous!

back to school

Daring animal print

Combine your favorite jeans with a bold statement piece. Like an animal print t-shirt. Ta-daa!

back to school outfits

Denim is evergreen

Match your denim jacket with a cool tee and a sporty shirt or pants. You can`t go wrong with that.

back to school

Old school is cool: plaid

Update the classical academic look adding cool accessories at your plaid fall skirt.

back to school outfit

Grunge baby

Probably there is nothing that says more “welcome back to school” than a pair of Converse with high waisted jeans and a sweatshirt.

back to school

Biker elements

A moto detail, like a faux leather jacket will always spice up your fall basics. Try it and make some waves!

back to school biker outfit


So, finding the best wardrobe for your new scholar year doesn`t have to be annoying. The key is to keep it simple but to show meanwhile your fashion sense. What is your favorite back to school outfit?








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