New designer crush – Risa Rodil, typography illustrator

Risa Rodil, typography illustrator for covers, posters and patterns


Lisa Rodil is a typography illustrator and officially my new designer crush. And it’s not because I am a girl and I like shiny, colorful cute stuff on my screen and on my walls. No.

Lisa is a truly talented and very young illustrator of only 21, from Manila, Philippines. She has been very prolific in creating some of the most versatile lettering designs and typography illustration for infographics, kinetic typography, covers, posters and patterns.
The cliche quotes sound so much better when created by her and the minimalistic style characters are perfect for rendering complex ideas. Such is the case of the Coin Heist Bok cover, the Doctor Who infographic or the Hannibal posters.

One of her best series and the first material a saw from her is the Pixar one, which is a personal project, that pays tribute to the amazing concepts behind these animation works that the studio manages to put out every so often.
Please visit her site for the entire portfolio and I promise you , you will not be disappointed.
She has proudly done work for Hank Green, DFTBA Records, Harper Collins, Harper Teen, Adaptive Studios, Ghergich & Co., 280 Steps, Smart Pop, and Great Little Place.

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The kinetic typography example I mentioned earlier can be seen below:

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