Rick & Morty T-shirts

Rick & Morty T-shirts

I’ve been having a lot of mixed feelings about this last season of Game of Thrones. I’ve been reading about all the crazy fan theories and couldn’t resist watching the leaked episode. I can’t believe there’s only one episode left and chances are the 8th season will air in 2 years. But what worries me most is the predictability of the action. I hope the 8th episode will redeem everything.

So, in order to distance myself from the madness and change gears, I was thinking animation. I asked for a recommendation of a good series. Well, someone suggested Rick and Morty and I don’t understand how I missed this show until now.

It is smart writing, intricate, violent but it still make you empathize with the characters. I even felt sad for them at times, because  you can’t be sure everything will work out in the end. Just like real life. And  just like real life it’s full of a disarming vulgarity. Rick is the scientist, extremely bright, a raging alcoholic traveling the galaxy with his naive 14-year old grandson, Morty. Everywhere they go they run into hilarious trouble and the things they do and say are guaranteed to surprise you. There is no cheap joke and every action wittingly contributes to the plot.

Therefore, the whole thing is pop culture gold, so you know there will be some crazy good t-shirts with mashups and interpretations of the characters and episode themes.

Needless to say the absurdity that was Pickle Rick this season gave way to some unique t-shirt prints, which happen to be my favorites:

The style of the cartoon make them perfect for t-shirt prints, so here more with Morty as well:

rick and morty t-shirts rick & morty t-shirts

We wholeheartedly recommend you watch this show to make sense of the trippy designs you’ve just seen!

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