Revival of retro style! Pin-up girls vector pack

In order to add inventivity, modern styles make appeal to different kind of sources. Among them, there is the so-called Retro style, or vintage, known as the period of the 40’s. 50’s… and so on. Donno about your age, but that period is familiar to me only through old movies, old commercials, and the most important, through some old pin-up girl pictures that I’ve found on the walls of a cafeteria in my town. I find them fascinating, inspiring and made me think about those yeast years with other eyes… wondering how would have really been living back there… I bet the ones who caught those times look at the same pictures with nostalgia and recall feelings that I will never live.The girls of that period (pin-up girls) were considered , wits special taste for aesthetics, and their naked exposure tried from even back those times not to be considered exclusively sexual , but only entertainment for the public.Our designers used their creativity to offer something truly different, in the old, never-dying Retro style. Through this retro style vector pack, they tried to catch the glamour of that period, the sex-appeal to the public, the classy erotic type of attraction. We all know that on car expositions, hot chicks are always present, and that just makes the whole thing more attractive.

Pin-up Girls

By purchasing this vector pack, you can  make your project (of any kind, the hot chicks fit in almost any kind of commercial) stand up and look really different, unique. Make modern versions of these pin-up girls  by mixing old style with the modern one.

Pin-up Girls

Makes me wonder…that we will someday become a retro style art on the walls of the next generations. It’s kinda creepy, isnt’t it ?

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