Review of Vespertine Machine tank for men

I think you are already familiar with Vespertine Machine, a t-shirt brand dear to us that has been featured multiple times before here, on the blog. This time, I am happy to tell you that I got my hands on one of their products so I will tell you all about it.

I got a tank top for men, since it was a gift for a friend that was looking for some intense colors in his wardrobe. When you see the design you will realize he found exactly what he needed.

The tank top is no longer available on their site, but instead they have other designs for you to enjoy, especially in the women’s category. They don’t call their line limited but take the liberty to discontinue any of the designs at any time. In case you like this tank, you can also get it from their Kazbah shop.

Vespertine Machine
Vespertine Machine tank for men

The tank was sent in a plastic bag with a bunch of very cool stickers, featuring the logo of the brand – the V – and the awesome character – the smoking raccoon – that embodies the ideas behind the brand – night, adventure and mischief.

I don’t know why I expected something more about packaging, but that put me off for just a short time, thanks to the bright colors of both the design and the tank.

Vespertine Machine
Vespertine Machine stickers

The print was so soft, for a second I thought it was digital printing. It is actually silk-screened which makes for a long lasting product. I was so satisfied with the fabric and got excited to check out the blanks from NextLevelApparel. For us living in Europe, it is a drag since it would be expensive to ship them for printing – in case you have a t-shirt business in the States, we recommend you check them out.

I also liked the nice touch with the Vespertine Machine logo printed on the back, in the same bright color as the front design. Overall, the fit is really nice and it is obvious you will stand out in the crowd with such bright colors.

Vespertine Machine
Vespertine Machine tank – back

Overall, the product is good quality, nicely priced at $20, the fabric is excellent and the print soft – a perfect combination considering it is a summer item so you need to feel just right in it. And I just love the colors, as did my friend who’s quite happy with my gift.

Be sure to connect with Vespertine Machine through Facebook and Twitter as well.

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