Resurgence Tees t-shirt designs

Daniel Bevis has dabbled in creative activities for much of his 26 years of age, confirmed by his choosing of Fine Art as one of the college subjects, while the love of gaming led him to study Computer Animation at University. One of his tutors there advised him to follow something in graphic design so he thought himself Graphic Designs basics, with patience and persistence. Daniel managed to score some briefs, some small, and some bigger. It was hard and trying times, but at the same time he was also creating works for third party sites like Redbubble and, later, Society6.

What pushed things through was  seeing the works in the flesh, especially in a physical and tangible t-shirt form. The creative focus increased towards communication with other artists, he started experimenting with Transfer Prints and now you can find his t-shirt shop on Bigcartel, where he has 12 t-shirt designs and the collection is increasing, under the name of Resurgence Tees.

Below you can find some of my favourites, and not coincidentally, the last t-shirts added, which goes to show you the improvements and the importance he puts on quality. The presentation of the designs could definitely improve in order to highlight the t-shirt designs and their details but the graphics are definitely very original, with perfect color and shape combinations.

Being very interested in your opinion, Resurgence Tees is on Facebook and Twitter and is encouraging you to show your support, creative criticism or suggestions to improve the designs and give you quality and original t-shirt art.

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