Cartoon t shirts – The Flintstones

As a child, I was very fascinated of the animated sitcom The Flinstones. To be completely honest, sometimes I am still watching this sitcom and laughing my lungs out . Although it is a very old show, originally broadcast between 1960 and 1966 (when it got canceled) it became very popular and generations ahead just fell in love over and over again with The Flinstones. The  graphics are indeed very well done and we can say that they have a sort of unique way. You don’t see another animation such as The Flinstones. Not before, at least. Yeah, later, they made the opposite to the The Flinstones. And when I say that I refer to The Jetsons, but absolutely nothing compares to the real deal, the first animation aver created in such a manner.

The Flinstones are all about a stone age family of barefoot caveman which have the modern advantages applied to the old rocky instruments that they are suppose to have back then.

I think that there isn’t a single person in this world that didn’t see at least one episode of the Flinstones, therefore, it must be really easy to feel this.

Of course there are several people who liked The Flinstones, also created cartoon t shirts based on them. With Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty. And later on, after the appearance of Bam-Bam and Pebbles, they also used them as part of the t-shirt design based on The Flinstones.

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cartoon t shirts
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Bam Bam
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cartoon t shirts

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