The Redbubble challenge: flower designs

RedBubble Challenge: floral design

It’s always a good day when the news starts with fun illustration challenges that fire up an artist’s imagination. In the last weeks, Creative Market came into focus with such contests, and now it’s RedBubble’s turn!

There’s a long hot vacation’s ahead, but it seems torn souls destined to create will be bound to their desks. That’s the life of a free spirit, which is why the challenge series is called a Staycation. You stay at home, you create and then roll into a pile of money. Not quite, but this whole thing is organized around having fun, non? Although $100 and a feature on the RedBubble homepage is not too shabby either.

Because those will be the prized in the following month, with 4 different themes announced each week. There will be a season trending theme and specific product to create for, such as a t-shirt, bag or pillow. I’m certain you have an Instagram account, and if not, get on it, because you need to share your work there with the hashtags #RBSTAYCAY and #Redbubble.

The first theme is floral designs and all entries must be uploaded before Friday May 5th by 11:59pm PST.

So, get your flowery designs on and enjoy the Staycation Challenge!

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