New: Escape Motions release Rebelle 2

New release of the acclaimed real media paint software Rebelle

Watercolor lovers have a reason to get excited because the original Rebelle software that lets you recreate realistic watercolor design, got an upgrade. The improved Rebelle 2.0 version simulates watercolor blending, acrylic and dry media artwork in spectacular detail.

Escape Motions’ product, responsible for Flame Painter and Amberlight, has become a real competitor against Corel Painter’ natural effects.

Notable improvements come in the form of GPU acceleration, since the software notoriously slowed down your computer. There are plenty of new brushes, while you can also make your own. And the most exciting is the possibility to easily create stencils and masks.

Rebelle 2 is excellent at mimicking fluid behavior. You can actually recreate the effect of blowing on watercolors which makes it astoundingly realistic!

Other improvements include faster Save and Undo, as well as Photoshop Import and Export.

Unfortunately there’s also a downside, namely the price. You can now purchase it for $89.99, while the initial full version was $59.99.


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