Raubdruckerin – printing urban utility covers onto Tshirts

Street Art t-shirts– literally, art printing from the streets and onto t-shirts

Street Art may have become a cliché when talking about different approaches to art done in a certain urban, unconventional environment. But apparel brand Raubdruckerin (which translates to “pirate printer” from German), is literally transforming the street into art, that perfectly goes onto textiles, such as tote bags, hoodies or t-shirts. They are practically transferring the ground under their feet on t-shirts to make for extremely original casual wear.

Mundane, unnoticeable things such as manholes, drain covers, air shafts and other utility covers become the perfect imprints, done right there on the spot, on the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Athens, Rome and more. These neglected parts of the streets have a diversity and creativity of design that you surely missed. The Rubdruckerin team noticed these little details – since 2006 to be more exact – and since then they have been connecting individuals to their surroundings by adding each unique pattern on a piece of apparel.

The performative character of the printing process by spontaneously inviting people to have a t-shirt printed this way is what makes it a piece of genuine street art. Take a moment and see the amazing beauty at our feet, that we fail to notice on our daily run in the rat race.

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