Quote inspired prints on Random Objects t-shirts

Random Objects t-shirts

I love to revisit some of the oldest t-shirt brands that we featured on the blog. It’s not always good news, because many of them are now gone. But I will try to bring forward the good, the brands that are still going strong.

Random Objects is one of them and they still have the raddest motivational t-shirts ever. Indeed, they are underrated and we want to change that by dedicating this post to them. It’s not much but it’s something we wholeheartedly do to support those who deserve it. Maybe others will follow suit.

In short, they play around visually with quotes and proverbs, giving them a “face”, by using images and text. Of course, these put together are anything but “random”.

random objects t-shirts

Besides t-shirts, they also included sweaters, prints and accessories, such as caps, bracelets, stickers and patches. The notebooks are my favorites since I’m faithful to traditional writing tools. The keychain or the wallet each looks like something of a collector’s item.

Just like the case of Ugmonk or Cotton Bureau, simplicity and minimalism are key here. In keeping with the saying “Less is more”, Random Objects delivers original apparel and accessories for a public that prefers whispering to shouting.

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