Take me to the moon, Uchuusen !

It touches upon your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut and brings us a full line of premium t-shirts with extraterrestrial influences. The pictures are “inspired and derived from commercial artist Trisha Navidzadeh’s private library of images and artwork”.

Sold exclusively to believers, these t-shirts are available for an affordable price, which I found rather surprising, since there are plenty of girly girls dreaming of landing on the moon, or on Venus! But apart from that detail the line is strong, with a well-defined direction and plenty of geek dreams.

We all have a fascination for the unknown and the infinite possibilities of the universe, so get closer to them with Uchuusen Apparel premium t-shirts – $29.99 plus FREE shipping!

Premium t-shirts from Uchuusen

premium t-shirts

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