Johnny Cupcake’s Power Rangers t-shirts

Johnny Cupcake’s Power Rangers t-shirts

From all the t-shirt brand I know, Johnny Cupcakes is one of a kind, and I adore their fun concept. 

Referencing pop culture in a t-shirt design isn’t as easy as it seems. Many do it and the majority delivers a mash-up of iconic characters. But most of the time the overall design doesn’t make sense. People buy them because they love some tv show or video game., not because the references are that cleverly combined. 

That’s not the case for Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts. The unique design style, as well as the concept of garments presented as baked goods, never jump the shark. The prints could easily sell, even if you didn’t care or know much about pop culture. You wear them because they look cool and are carefully designed on quality textiles.

The newest official collaboration is dedicated to the 90’s kids that grew up with the awesome Power Rangers. The pick is not random, because there is a 2017 reboot of the show. When I looked at the designs I truly felt old and nostalgic. See? That’s why I love this brand – the designs will always tap into a genuine experience. The collection was launched on February 25th. If you had been among the lucky first 50 in-store customers at 279 Newbury Street Boston, MA, you would have received free gift bags. Apart from t-shirts there are also posters, pins and stickers available.

I was the Yellow Ranger because I loved tigers. Which one were you in your gang?

Power Rangers t-shirts Power Rangers t-shirts

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