Portraits in Ink and Tea – Carne Griffiths

Today we are going to talk about some of the best art exhibits presented at the London Art Fair 2015.  For those of you who don’t know what London Art Fair is , let me shortly brief you. The 27th edition of London Art Fair took place three days ago at the Business Design Center. The fair’s purpose is to promote contemporary art at its finest. Modern British art is presented alongside contemporary work from today’s leading artists form all over the world.

Between the exhibits shown at the London Art Fair , I found one amazing artist named Carne Griffiths.  He managed to create a series of new works all in ink and tea. The portraits are drawn with fountain pen and painted in various blends of tea and alcohol.  The main theme of his works of art is the reincarnation of nature.  He chose to draw his portraits on watercolor paper just to emphasize the shape of his models. His technique is flawless and if you see his work it’s almost impossible not to be awed.

Who would have thought that tea could be used this way ? It looks like English artist, Carne Griffith has already answered to this question. Check out his Behance profile to learn more about his work as an illustrator and as a painter.

Portraits in Ink and Tea by Carne Griffiths presented at the London Art Fair 2015

Carne Griffiths - artuse

Portraits in Ink and tea

Portraits in ink and tea Carne Griffiths

Portraits at London Art Fair

Flawless work of art London Art Fair

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