Look out for these 5 popular t-shirt design trends in 2018

Top 5 t-shirt design trends for 2018

It’s not very easy to pin down the exact elements and techniques to adopt in designing your t-shirts. It would be naive and restrictive, not to mention counter-productive. But there are a few clear trends that distance themselves from the others. You could go with them or keep your trajectory, if that works for you. These 5 tendencies are in no way exclusive, nor should they act as a rule. Although, they do promise to make this year more interesting. Have a look!

Woman Empowerment

2017 has been a turning point for women’s narrative in a world where powerful men have been covering their sexual derailments through money, influence and a clique of enablers. The #metoo movement was not only the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it established a new approach to abuse and harassment. The notoriety will mean that people will become more and more vocal about denouncing these things or showing support. Expect campaigns like #TimesUp to be promoted through the most popular “poster”, the t-shirt.

Bold everything: colors, typography, fonts, patterns

As in all areas of design this year, bold, colorful, daring colors will be very creatively utilized. Given that Ultra Violet is the color of the year, many prints will feature variations of it. And the themes will inevitably draw inspiration from that, revolving around cosmos, the universe, stars and planets. The more vibrant, the better. Think gradients, colorful fonts, and innovative typography.

 t-shirt design trends

Customized illustrations

More than ever, hand drawn illustrations, typography and patterns are on demand, with just the right amount of imperfections to make them personal, distinct. Look at it more like a counter trend that’s been steadily evolving in the past few years.

Photo designs

Photography design is on the rise, especially combined with hand drawn illustrations, or using double exposure. Your photos will go on the popular list if you go for duo tones or duo lights. It’s on the same page with impactful illustration and bold colors, but consider using your best camera shots and add some daring Photoshop magic.

 t-shirt design trends

Geometry play

Geometry offers endless possibilities but this year you should go completely wild with it. You can play around with shapes, adding color and little waves. It makes me think of tribal patterns. Look at folk clothing from African countries, or Polish and Indian ones. You’ll see yourself faced with those bold colors again.

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