Pop culture advocates: Tom Trager t-shirts

Tom Trager t-shirts

Tom Trager is a very prolific Israeli illustrator, a pop culture graphic designer whose work you can find on well-known print on demand sites. If you are a regular visitor or customer of RedBubble, TeePublic, Qwertee and such, then you must have seen one of his t-shirt prints. Maybe even bought one.

His name did not ring any bells, unlike his designs. Once you see them, they stay with you for two basic reasons: they come together perfectly and the style is minimalist.The following are classic Tom Trager t-shirts:

But he doesn’t shy away from adding detailed vector designs, especially when it’s faces of majestic characters like Khaleesi or agent Dale Cooper:

Above all, he manages to highlight the essence of the characters and the environment that defines them.

He’s currently an active seller with 169 designs available on a variety of products at TeePublic. The themes revolve around what we all love: tv shows, movies, games and other pop culture reference you can think of. He’s highly prolific and up to date with the current events, as you can see by the design below, featuring the latest Dr. Who:

I know he was popular before, but thanks to this designs he gained even more, much deserved visibility. My favorite design from his entire collection is this Eleven one, because I’m a nut for everything “Stranger Things”.

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