Photoshop tutorial – Color your drawing

I found a really cool tutorial on on how to color your drawing and I am very glad to review it and share some great info with you guys, the TShirt-Factory fans!

You know, being a graphic artist is, maybe, the best job in the world. Heck, this is not even a job, it’s a hobby, a way of relaxation. Ok, ok, you can as easily call it a job, but, as I said before, it’s the best damn job in the world. Being an artist is a very challenging issue.

I sometimes look at my desk mates and admire their passion for what they do. Only an artist can live like that through his work and art.

This is exactly why I decided to share with you graphic lovers out there some neat tricks that I’ve found on the site I was talking about earlier.

Most people ask themselves this question: Ok, I got myself the drawing, but how the hell am I going to color it? Well, there are several steps that you should take, while playing with Photoshop.  I’m sure that every good designer knows these steps, I am not going to brag about theory right now… Why? Because it’s the beginning of spring and we feel all artsy inside and all we care about is the final result.

Even if we try not to judge or say anything about vector art and colors and all that, I and my desk mates can’t help ourselves: we will show you some examples of how to color a drawing. It’s all very simple.

So, this is how the first image should look like:

Photoshop tutorial - Color your drawing
Black and white sample

Does this seem  like a finished piece to you? To us it really doesn’t. Then let’s start this Photoshop  tutorial already:

photoshop tutorial
A little bit of colour

So, some color on her face should do the trick. It gives her a little bit of depth.

photoshop tutorial
Photoshop tutorial

What about some shade? Wouldn’t it look nicer this way?

photoshop tutorial

Orrrr… you can play with colors and use them as you please! Just like this:

photoshop tutorial
photoshop tutorial

And if you are really into this, you can change the colors all over again and give her the zombie look.

photoshop tutorial
The zombie

See folks? You can play with colors however you like! It all depends on your imagination, and create all sort of vector designs you like!

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