Optical art t-shirt designs!

OPtical art designs

Optical art is a method of painting concerning the interaction between illusion and picture plane, between understanding and seeing.” Op art works are abstract, with

many of the better known pieces made in only black and white. When the viewer looks at them, the impression is given of movement, hidden images, flashing and vibration, patterns, or alternatively, of swelling or warping. Optical art is derived from the constructivistpractices of the Bauhaus This German school, founded by Walter Gropius stressed the relationship of form and function within a framework of analysis and rationality. Students were taught to focus on the overall design, or entire composition, in order to present unified works. When the Bauhaus was forced to close in 1933, many of its instructors fled to the United States where the movement took root in Chicago and eventually at the Black Mountain College in Asheville ,North Carollina where Annie and Joseph would come to teach.

Looking around I found some great t-shirt designs inspired from OPtical ART,also known as optical art, that I felt to share with you,because I just find it amazing.Enjoy!

OPtical Art for you!

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