how to start an online tshirt business

How to Start an online T-shirt Business

 Let’s start by saying that it is not easy to build an online T-shirt business nowadays, since a lot of companies have adopted this method in the last few years. But what can I guarantee is that this guide is the perfect opportunity to put your ideas to work.  One thing you should always bear in mind when you want to start your own business is COMPETITION. You need to find the perfect combo between quality, originality and cost.  First, you should begin by asking yourself two questions :

How will my T-shirt be different from the other products on the market?

How to print and ship my T-shirts ?

Tips on how to start an online t-shirt business:

Niche: Picking a niche is the first step to climb the ladder of success. You need to be aware that there are more than thousands of websites selling T-shirts worldiwide. So needless to say yours must be somehow unique. You need to choose a certain group of interest. It`s hard to please everyone. Here is an example of a niche we appreciate. So pick carefully yours!

Design:   Here is all about you. You need to choose something that represents you. Equally, you should connect with the customers. Think about what design would you like to buy? Find the perfect one and stand out in the crowd. Here is a list of more than 50 mock-up templates both free and paid to begin your quest. Don’t forget to be original!  You can create your own template with Custom Ink or  Creative Market. You can also find  themes,fonts and a couple of add-ons that will look amazing on your T-shirt.




Where to buy your designs from:

If you are no graphic designer, the internet is your friend. The perfect websites to look for your future employee are :  Dribbble , Freelancer ,Elancer . Or you can easily buy all the designs from UDesignart, T-shirt factory.  RedBubble or DBH   . So maaany options, which is great!    

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“Yes” to quality t-shirts:

There is no need for me to explain why. A print made on a quality garment will survive longer. Nobody wants a t-shirt to wear it once.  Also, people are searching for bio and skin friendly fabrics. They put a lot of price on quality. It is truly important for them to find and wear something sustainable. This will transform your ”little company”  in a well-known brand that is reliable. For more information to develop your company into a reliable brand you can take this amazing course held by Jeff Staple, Founder, Staple Design&Reed Space.

online tshirt business


  Set up a shop and choose the best tshirt designing tool

  In order to set up the shop, we honestly recommend WordPress which is a very useful, handy and easy to use e-commerce platform. After your store is set up, this plugin will change your life for good. uDesign is the perfect designing tool: it helps you and your customers create amazing designs better, smarter and faster. You can sign up today for a free trial month! We explained more here


Last, but not least- Advertise!

It`s internet era, advertising is vital for your brand! On a loaded market, this is the way for people to find about your work. For starters, you can choose to advertise your T-shirts by using your personal social networks. Also spreading the news to your friends and family- this method is evergreen!  You can also join a huge community such as Reddit where you can find out the opinion of a thousand people with the same concerns as you. Pinterest for the latest trends and Twitter for the up to the minute news.

Now you are officially ready to start your own T-shirt brand and to let the world know your talent. Don`t forget that the recipe of success is also made with a spice of inspiration and with a lot of dedication.

How you have made your first steps in the industry? We would like to give bits of advice or to hear tips from you. Feel free to contact us!



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