One of the greatest graphic artists…AJ Dimarucot!

AJ Dimarucot is a graphic artist based in Manila, Philippines. He belongs to a growing group of contemporary artists that have blurred the boundaries between art and design. Whether he works on his own or in collaboration, his creations are always visually rich, sensual, and vibrant.

AJ was very proud to be part of the Philippine Graphic Design Awards Judging.

He is an artist specializing in t-shirt graphic and his work is recognized by big names. AJ designed for the late Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys and the band Panic at the Disco. He has won several t-shirt design contests over the time.

His current clients include Nike and Adidas and he is proud to have designed a shirt for his countryman–boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao.

“I was recently given the opportunity to design for Nike’s Threepeat Collegiate Basketball Championship tee for Ateneo de Manila University. Though it’s not my school, I didn’t mind designing it since my uncle is part of the coaching staff hehe. And how could I say no to Nike!”(AJ Dimarucot)

Why is AJ so great? Because he  has an amazing creativity and his work is various.

I personally enjoyed his personal calligraphic pieces a lot:

AJ Dimarucot

A personal exploration that deserves to be Distortion vs. Recognition:

AJ Dimarucot

AJ Dimarucot’s work is much more than this. He has a whole gallery with amazing t-shirt designs. Here I picked up some designs that I was impressed with and I really wanted to show you. Enjoy it!

He is one of the artists featured in a t-shirt book named TORSO (T-SHIRT, GRAPHICS EXPOSED). I personally had a look at this amazing book and I can say it’s a must have for graphic design lovers.

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