October Graphic Bundles from Creative Market and GraphicLoot

October Graphic Bundles

October is on its halfway, so it’s only natural to enjoy the latest Creative Market Bundle of graphics. The price is $39 for 88 products, featuring templates, fonts, graphics, photos and add-ons. Below you can see some seasonal resources, for fall, for Halloween but for Christmas as well. Big savings are always welcome, and the earlier the better. This way, you have time to prepare your material ahead and increase your chances of some proper, free Christmas days.

October Graphic Bundles

Since we’re on the subject of Bundles and saving money on graphic resources, have a look at the latest packages added by GraphicLoot! They include my favorite illustrations from Emirez, that have no face. Literally, none of them have that feature. Did you notice? Characters either have their faces covered or no heads at all. It’s intriguing, given the level of detail on the rest of their bodies.

Other talented illustrators that specialize in t-shirt prints are contributing with their work. The bad news is that the Creative Market bundle is available for one week only. The good news is that some of the GraphiLoot ones will be up for a month. That’s plenty of time to choose your material.

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