New Vintage Vector Sets from Tshirt-Factory – Now in store!

You know boys and girls that Tshirt-Factory has no, but absolutely no rest! We love to create vector art, therefore, we create it everyday and some of the time we don’t even sleep because we are eager to see some action and see our vector packs finished and ready to be uploaded on our website. For new visitors, we want to mention that Tshirt-Factory has an online store from which you can buy vector art and t-shirt designs.

But, the thing we want to brag about today is our new Vintage vector sets! You should check it out and make sure that you see all three of them. We think that the sets are exactly what you need to improve your future designs. Why bother creating yourself the vintage details when you can buy it from us and make your work easier. Not to mention that you’ll be finishing whatever you are doing much more quickly.

Vintage sets are indeed very interesting when you stay and think about it, because vintage is the new modern, these days. People have a way of  returning to the old days, and for that to happen more, we thought there was nothing wrong in creating some additional help.

In order to give you a complete image of what we are talking about, we are going to show you the pictures of the vintage vector sets we were talking about.

Vintage Set No. 10

New Vintage vector Sets from Tshirt-Factory - Now in store!




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