New t-shirt community – Arttee Apparels


 New t-shirt community – Arttee Apparels

Aiming to help independent artists, Arttee Apparels was setup as a platform for talented artists to contribute their awesome artworks to be transformed into awesome t-shirts. It is a new way to show local illustrators and artists some love and it’s through online store and t-shirt community.

I am sure you must have already heard this premise before, so this is very bold of them to launch on the same market as Threadless, DesignbyHumans and many others. But this could be a great leeway for local artist from Malaysia and neighbouring countries, where they have absolutely amazing artists. So we wish all the best to the starters of the business, that thought of this platform as the place for independent artists everywhere to support each other’s artwork under one umbrella. There’s just a few designs now, which says they are a the beginning, so keep your mind open.

The site invites independent artists to contribute their artwork to be transformed into awesome tees. For a mere USD18.90 you can now bring home a piece of wearable art.


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