New product on RedBubble: Men’s Long T-shirts

RedBubble Long t-shirts

RedBubble Long T-shirts were launched about a month ago but I just noticed them on the RedBubble site.

Men’s long t-shirts have been a thing for a while now, because some influential fashion house said so. I sound skeptical because I am. Men’s fashion always seems to introduce a trend that people will comment how ridiculous it is. I think guys look good in simpler cuts, classic styles or minimalist clothes because their attitude or physique will always stand out more. I become suspicious of guys wearing flashy, complicated outfits.

The long t-shirt is an exception to a fashion industry that tries to lure guys into the fashion obsession. It genuinely introduces a slightly new style that reinvents the classic t-shirt, without jumping the shark.

Although not necessarily for all body types, these t-shirts will make RedBubble artist designs stand out even more! First of all, a larger t-shirt means more space for the print. 40% more to be exact! Second of all, the blanks are from Bella + Canvas who follow the World Responsible Apparel Practices Standards (WRAP), one our favorite textile providers. They are made from soft ring-spun cotton for maximum comfort, available in White, Black, Charcoal Heather.

All fine and dandy, but these are not yet available for women. What gives, RedBbubble?

redbubble long t-shirt

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