Natural Rejection – No branding, No logos.JUST ART

Natural Rejection is launching through Kickstarter and is focused on all aspects of art, deliberately stepping away from using any logos, avoiding branding and  looking for artwork that perfectly expresses the Anti-Brand, one which will speak for itself. The rest are naturally rejected.

The t-shirt line will not turn its customers into walking billboard or resort to condescending imagery. The artists are put before the company while the artwork is put before the brand.

The t-shirts are 100% American made sweat-shop free, manufactured and printed in the USA.  All designs will be available in both Mens and Womens Tees. The mens tees will be printed on CANVAS 3001U Tees. All womens tees will be printed on BELLA 6004 U Tees.

There are currently 6 designs and the public will vote on all of them, but only 4 will be featured on the site. And you can also submit YOUR artwork to be included and voted on in the next campaign.

See more details about this t-shirt line and questions answered here. If you like it, be sure to spread the word on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

t-shirt line
Natural Rejection t-shirt line
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