Mystery t-shirt for just 1,95 $ !

A mystery t-shirt could be anything at all…Have you ever thought of this idea? Textual tees, did and we find it impressive. You are looking for an astonishing gift? Or you don`t have any idea on what to go for? A mystery t-shirt can solve your impasse. And this for under 2$! The t-shirt will be either 100% cotton or 90/10 if a heather color.

Also, if you order multiple Mystery T-Shirts in a single order, they will all be different colors and designs. Brilliant, right?

Maybe you`re hesitating, but take a look at what other verified customers are reviewing this.

I received 3 mystery shirts and loved all 3! Great fit, great designs, just very happy overall with my purchase.– Sara R

Great experience. Fast delivery. Can’t wait for new awesome shirts to come along- Andrew C

This was the first time I chose the “Mystery T-shirt” and while it was fun being surprised- Charlene E

You can have a mystery t-shirt for just 1,95 $!

You can also choose, of course, the style- for men, women or kids. They have everything! With this being told, here you have some hints on what you could possibly get by trying this concept.

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