Step inside a nightmarish world with the Scary Designs of Mr Zero

Halloween special: Mr Zero scary designs

Twitter is currently my favorite go-to source to discover new illustrators. That’s especially the case for artist with a darker style. It’s how I discovered Mr Zero although I swear it’s not the first time I bump into his drawings.

Mr Zero is Krisztián Viszokai from Hungary. He started as a graffiti artist in 1994, moved on to 3D painting in 2001 and finally perfected his skills to create character illustrations. „Now he is combining traditional letter style with his figurative comic characters. A major topic in his artworks is the characters and comic heroes of his childhood.”

Spooky doesn’t even begin to cover the style of this artist. It’s scary, weird and unsettling all at the same time. The distorted features of the characters make you feel like you’ve had some really, really bad shrooms. Or does that effect count like a good thing? I wouldn’t know.

scary designs

He keeps a very low key in terms of personal details, so you’ll have to discover him through his artwork. His portfolio, featuring indoor, outdoor and commissions is more than compelling.

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