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Movies t shirts

Movies t shirts

Movies t shirts have always been the top of the top, along band t-shirts and funny t-shirts. Since the beginning of the cinema in late  19th century, people have been just so in love with this art! Nothing compared to the movie stars, motion play or the movie set.

movies t shirts

Greta Gabo T-Shirt Movie

We believe that movies have a way in making people buy things and make great things! By far, the greatest and glamorous period of  movie industry has been the Golden Age. The Golden Age produced a lot of stars like Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, John Gilbert and so on. They became symbols, legends, stars.

movies t shirts

Bette Davis T-shirt

Even if that era of the t-shirt industry hadn’t been great from the start, nowadays, people just love t-shirt templates with Golden Age actors or movie posters. The movie t-shirts are some kind of reminder of the great movie era, of the great period being.

movies t shirts

Marlene Dietrich T-Shirt Picture

The next big thing happened in the 60s, when t-shirts become an important part of everyone’s life!

movies t shirts

Superman t-shirt template

We just have to remind you of the famous Star Wars t-shirt or the Superman t-shirts (counting every superhero there ever was).

New Moon

New Moon T-Shirt

As you can see, newer movies have their own t-shirts. This being said, New Moon has it’s own as well.


Audrey Hepburn t-shirt (T-Shirt Factory)

We, ourselves have some movie t-shirts. Of course, in our own way, original and cool. We don’t like the usual, as you can see. We always have a way in combining things and we love to do it! Vector art loves movies, so, here we are:

Star Wars

Star Wars T-Shirt (TShirt Factory)