Artist turns your favorite movie scenes into pixel art

Pixel art parody posters by Gustavo Viselner

There is an unquenchable thirst for everything 80s, strongly reflected in the latest graphic design trends. As a result, I think you should see the following artist. I really think you will like his works.

Gustavo Viselner is a game artist, animator and illustrators. He’s caught the attention of the public and BuzzFeed News through his fun pixel art.  Think of any iconic movie or tv scene ever made. He can recreate it as a pixel art parody poster of the highest quality that will send any pop culture geek in a frenzy.

The 36-year old artist living in Tel-Aviv hopes, one day, to create his own  full adventure game, based on the epic story of „The Good, the bad and the ugly”. That is his favorite movie, the one he saw at the age of 10 which started all this.

Each piece takes about 5 hours to create and tackles shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones or Stranger Things. But there are plenty of movies, too, like Star Wars, Forrest Gump or Blade Runner. He’s also put the posters together in a recent exhibition at the Kuli Alma.

pixel art

It kind of made my black heart warm up a little bit seeing the piece below included in his collection, a rendition of a moment with his departed father:

To follow his work in all its glory, go to his Instagram account, YouTube channel and support his talent by purchasing your favorite poster from the Etsy Shop.

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